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Deputy Mayor of Barnstaple

   Mayor of Barnstaple

   Cllr Mrs Julie Hunt

   photograph by Tom Teegan

Councillor Mrs Julie Hunt was first elected to Barnstaple Town Council in October 2005 and represents the Forches and Whiddon Valley Ward.

Councillor Mrs Hunt is Chairman of the Council and the Rock Park Trust Management Committee.  She is also a member of all Council committees and represents the Council on outside bodies.

Julie was born in Forches, Barnstaple and has lived in North Devon nearly all of her life, She is married to David, a local businessman and between them they have 7 children.  They also have a beautiful granddaughter of 7 years.  Julie believes very strongly in family values and enjoys nothing more when they are all home for family celebrations.

Julie’s career started in London, the only time she was away from North Devon.  She returned back to her roots after 6 years to raise a family and work part time as a nursing auxiliary.  For the last 15 years Julie has been working for her husband undertaking all the administration.

Julie’s motto is “keep busy then you do not have time to get bored”, hence being involved in several charities in this country, as well as overseas in Gambia and Kiev.

Councillor Mrs Hunt is immensely proud to be serving the community of Barnstaple as Mayor with the support of her husband David.

Her chosen charities for the Mayoral Year 2016-2017 are:

Barnstaple Dementia Action Alliance:   Supporting projects in different locations such as Pilton House, Oaklands, MHA, and those in their own homes who are living with dementia on a daily basis.  The monies raised will go towards an amenity fund to help promote the support of people living with dementia and their carers at Pilton House and Oaklands, for activities and outings, and a singing for joy group at Christ Church, in Bear Street.  There is also potential for a Gardening Group at Trinity.  These are all initiatives of BDAA. Supporting them will help to get some of these projects off the ground. 

ChemoHero:  This was started by a young lady called Lisa, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and is on her second course of Chemotherapy.  Lisa thought of the idea of organising boxes for ladies with items that might be of benefit whilst going through treatment.  This year, thanks to the Seamoor Unit, these bags are now given to all new patients on their first visit.  Lisa is now organising boxes for men. 

Honey’s Bravery Bags:  This charity came about when Grace Brown’s daughter was born with CHD congenital heart defects and subsequently underwent two open heart surgeries.  The Bravery Bags are aimed at bringing some happiness and acknowledgement to those children in hospital who are suffering life threatening or terminal illness.  It has also been recognised that it is important for siblings, who are often left out, to receive one of these bags too.

North Devon Hospice:  In memory of Julie's father.  To raise funds for a nurse to visit patients in their own homes more often, providing more one to one care.

If you would like the Mayor to attend your event, a Mayoral Engagement Request Form is available here to print off, complete, and post back to:- 

Claire Parsons, Barum House, The Square, Barnstaple. EX32 8LS.
or scan the completed form and email to the address below.

Contact the Mayor via Claire Parsons, Civic and Ceremonial Manager on 01271 373311 or email


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