Works to ​Queen Anne's Walk (former Barnstaple Heritage Centre), The Strand, Barnstaple, Devon.  EX31 1EU

Please provide a quotation for the work listed below.  There is a floor plan at the end of this document, titled Appendix 1.


1.Repair minor rot to windows and redecorate

Internal – Hall 1

2. Repair isolated areas in plaster (lime) and redecorate walls only in a neutral colour

3. Remove panels over windows and make good where necessary and redecorate

4. Redecorate heat emitters in neutral colour

Internal – Hall 2

5. Repair isolated areas in plaster (lime) and redecorate walls only in a neutral colour

6. Construct and install new pedestal to match existing

7. Redecorate heat emitters in neutral colour

Internal - Office

8. Redecorate including ceiling in neutral colour

9. Redecorate internal window

Internal - Toilet and Utility

10.  Redecorate including ceiling in neutral colour

All prices for the above to include labour charges, certified professional fees, disposal charges and transport charges (where applicable) and must be show NETT of VAT.

Award of Contract:

The Contractor cannot commence works until approval of Barnstaple Town Council has been obtained.  Works must be completed within the time specified within the final contract, and an estimated time for completion of the works should be included in the quotation for this job.

Times of Site Operations:

Works may be carried out during the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday only.

Noise/ Nuisance, and Safety Precautions:

Noisy operations, shouting, etc. shall be curtailed together with the loud playing of radios within the confines of the site. Machinery must not exceed Health and Safety decibel guidelines for outdoor work adjacent to residential properties. Works are to be carried out strictly in accordance with the current Health and Safety Legislation.

Contractor’s Responsibilities:

Provide evidence of certificated electrical works

Comply with any site rules and Health and Safety stipulated by Barnstaple Town Council

Provide a full Risk Assessment, if successful

Provide a copy of your Public Liability Insurance, if successful

Health and Safety:

The Contractor is responsible for arrangements to ensure the health and safety of all who may be affected by the works, and providing information about welfare arrangements.  The Contractor must manage and monitor works in accordance with Health and Safety law and any other statutory requirements which may be in place at the time the work is undertaken.

Quotations for the Contract must include:

A general description of the work

Detailed timings within the project

Information required demonstrating competence and adequacy of resources together with appropriate training certificates

Copy of current Public Liability insurance (min £5,000,000)

Appointment of Contractor:

Following the invitation and receipt of quotations, the Town Council will consider all quotations received.  This specification is for a quotation and it may not lead to a contract being awarded.

Materials of Workmanship:

Materials, goods and workmanship shall be of good quality of their respective kind and shall comply with the appropriate British Standards and Code of Practice unless otherwise stated and where relevant, new materials, goods and workmanship shall entirely match existing. The Contractor is to carry out everything necessary for the proper execution of the works.  No materials and equipment are to be left outside of the site overnight.

Protection, Security and Control of Site:

The Contractor shall ensure that all the works are carried out without undue noise or disturbance to the occupants of the buildings or adjacent premises.


The Contractor shall insure for and indemnify the client against any liability including damage to property or materials during the course of work or from third party claims, including those caused by negligence, omission or default by employees, subcontractors or any circumstances within the contractor’s control.


Payment for the Contract will be made at completion of works, subject to the satisfaction of the Deputy Town Clerk.

Site Information:

The Contractor is to visit the site and satisfy themselves as to the conditions under which the work is to be carried out and no claims will later be admitted on the grounds that these circumstances were not known.

Deadline for quotations:  4.30pm on Wednesday, 4th January 2016.

Quotation information:     Please send all quotations to Mrs Kate Graddock, Deputy Town Clerk in an envelope marked ‘Private and Confidential’ to at the address below or send a confidential email to kate.graddock@barnstapletowncouncil.co.uk

Any quotations not received in this manner, will not be accepted.

Contact details:  Mrs K Graddock, Deputy Town Clerk, Barnstaple Town Council, Barum House, The Square, Barnstaple, Devon, EX32 8LS.  Telephone: 01271 373311, email: Kate.Graddock@barnstapletowncouncil.co.uk

If you require a site visit, then please contact Ian Parker, Amenities and Property Manager on 01271 373311 to arrange this.

Appendix 1 - Floor Plan

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